Youtube Vanced APK + MicroG APK 2021 Download for Android [Official]

Download Youtube Vanced APK and get all the features of the YouTube Primum app like background video and audio play, picture in picture, no more ads, swipe controls for volume and brightness and many more, without paying a single penny!

Youtube Vanced is best for people who want to listen to their favorite songs without having to keep the screen turned on the entire time. Youtube Vanced + MicroG APK also eliminates the need of paying a subscription for any music streaming app as now you will be able to stream any song ad free on any smartphone. 

Click on the download link below to download the latest Youtube Vanced Manager APK, Youtube Vanced manager contains both the Latest version of Youtube vanced and MicroG APK, so you don’t have to download two separate apps.  Follow the instructions given below the download link to install without any errors.

Follow the exact steps below to install Youtube Vanced from the Youtube Vanced Manager APK without any errors.

Step 1: Download the Youtube Vanced Manager APK from the above link.
Step 2: Open your Android security settings and enable “Unknown Sources” option.

Step 3: Open the downloaded APK File and click on Install, wait till the installation is completed successfully.

Step 4: Once installation is completed, open the Youtube Vanced Manager app from your app gallery.

Step 5: First install the MicroG app from Vanced manager.

Step 6: After installing MicroG, Install Youtube vanced App.

Step 7: Once installation of Youtube Vanced app is completed, open it from your apps and login into your Google Account.

Hope, you have now installed Youtube Vanced on your android, and enjoying youtube without ads. 

Youtube Vanced is the improved version of the YouTube app designed for users that want all the features of the YouTube premium app without having to pay the monthly subscription fee. This app has all the features of the official YouTube Premium app and then some. You can enjoy ad free music streaming and also background play which means now you don’t need any other music streaming app anymore because you can find all the latest songs on YouTube itself.

Youtube Vanced App also has the “picture in picture” which means the YouTube video will keep playing in a small window on your screen even when you come out of the YouTube app so you can use other apps while streaming the video. Users can also change the resolution of the video and the app supports 4K and HDR as well.

There are also different themes to choose from in the app depending on your mood such as light and dark modes built right into the app which you can switch between effortlessly. You can also adjust the brightness in the app only, without leaving the screen, for a seamless experience. 


1) Is Youtube Vanced App Free?
Ans. Yes, Youtube Vanced App is absolutely free for all users.

2) Does Youtube Vanced App work on non-rooted devices?
Ans. Youtube Vanced App works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

3) Is Youtube Vanced available for iOS devices?
Ans. No, Youtube Vanced App is not available for iOS devices at the moment, it can only be used on android devices at this time.

4) Is Youtube Vanced App legal?
Ans.Youtube Vanced is a completely legal app and you can use it on any smart device with peace of mind.

5) Is Youtube Vanced App safe?
Ans. Youtube Vanced is a perfectly safe app to use on your smartphone as it does not track your activities and does not access your data.

6) Is it safe to Login Google Account in Youtube Vanced?

Ans. Yes, it’s Completely safe to Login your Google Account in Youtube Vanced, as it uses MicroG to integrate your Google account, and MicroG is the secure way to integrate your Google account with any application.