Fast US & UK VPN

Unlike other VPN providers, LimeVPN writes 100% of its VPN server software, manages its own network, and owns the hardware. We’ve invested in 10 Gbps of US VPN bandwidth for the fastest VPN speeds in the US so you can watch US content in HD.

Just like you’re at home

Just like you’re at home

Browse the Internet from overseas as if you were at home. An Australian IP gets you a connection in your language, with your currency and your TV. And protects your nerve from additional identification steps while logging to your common apps, social profiles etc.

Protects your speed

Protects your speed

Many Internet providers in Australia use DPI and content throttling, which reduce video streaming speeds and slows down downloads. By bypassing DPI and avoiding provider throttling, encrypted VPN connections give you maximum speed.

Unblock US content

Unblock US & UK content

Access US & UK area-based audio/video content such as free TV shows, football games, sports, music subscriptions and so on. All the latest TV show episodes the moment they’re released in the US. And watch them seamlessly in HD via the Fastest US & UK VPN

LimeVPN servers in distant countries allow users to unblock restricted content or video with no restrictions.

  • The Netherlands
  • Hong Kong

You will most likely not be able to access specific websites when connecting to the internet using an Australian IP address. LimeVPN is the best VPN for Australia with high speeds and cheap price. This VPN allows you to use an IP that originates from any of our VPN servers worldwide. Our Australia VPN safeguards your data from snoopers, hackers and surveillance and it is the most reliable private VPN for Australia users to hide downloads and streaming. Another point in favor of using VPN in Australia is ability to connect to home dedicated IP with VPN while traveling. On the other hand use VPN in Australia with US IP to unblock Foxtel Go and ABC iView and watch US Netflix in Australia. Australia VPN by LimeVPN offers you a secured and surveillance-free environment regardless of your current physical location. Would it be VPN in Australia or one of the other 20+ VPN Locations all around the world like VPN Canada for instance.

Yhere are some strict laws in Australia when it comes to downloading stuff. However, I managed to hide everything by using Australia VPN service that LimeVPN offers. This really made my life easier and now I am able to enjoy certain shows while no one bothers me about it.

Emma B. (anonymous)
Posted on 11.2014

Being a nurse during the night can be very boring sometimes and I figured out that I enjoy US Netflix shows a lot. With LimeVPN I managed to watch it at last and the best thing of it all is that it is really cheap. The speed that this service offers for the money is simply outstanding! I recommend it highly!

Jason G. (male nurse)
Posted on 11.2014

I am now able to connect to home dedicated IP VPN in Australia which brings certain benefits to my everyday activities on the internet. I highly recommend everyone to try this VPN service since they will have the best quality service for a really cheap price! LimeVPN thank you very much for existing!

Marco M. (artist)
Posted on 03.2015

Sometimes I feel like I do not have enough anonymity on the internet while surfing or while streaming something on the internet. Luckily for me VPN came in as a great way to fix that insecurity of mine. I recommend everyone to use LimeVPN if they feel that their safety is endangered.

Nicholas Z. (office worker)
Posted on 02.2015
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