laptop camera is hacked

How to tell if your laptop camera is hacked?

Remember Mr. Robot? The scene where Angela’s webcam is hacked and, right from that minute, she is surreptitiously snapped and coerced later? It sure left several viewers doubting: how safe is my webcam? Angela’s webcam went contaminated by a CD Ollie purchased from an impersonator street vendor who in reality…


Top 10 Most Common Types of Hacking Attacks

Cyber threats have spread its fear all over the world. The latest report in states that major US states have incurred losses of around 800 million US dollars in the financial year 2017. The Hacking attacks are increasing day by day. Cyber crimes in India have increased by 19 times in the past…

VPN and how does it work 1

What is a VPN and how does it work?

Edward Snowden was someone who reminded us of our right to privacy on the internet by revealing shocking information about snooping by NSA i.e National Security Agency, USA. From then whenever we saw debate or discussion about “Internet Privacy”, we have definitely heard about VPN. VPN technology that was once…

Simple Online Privacy Guide 2

Guide : 18 Tips for internet safety and Anonymity

Are you scared that you are being watched or tracked by someone? Recent news about government snooping, privacy threats, ISP spying, mass surveillance including other online risks can give anybody a troubled sleep. No matter at which corner you are in the world, such security issues will always follow you….

MTV Video Music Awards 2

How to Watch the MTV Video Music Awards?

The MTV Video Music Awards, or more popularly called MTV VMA, is roughly twelve weeks away. It will be held on August 20, this time from the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This is symbolic as the first ever MTV Video Music Awards was also held in…

Fear the Walking Dead season 4

How To Watch The Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 ?

After six months of waiting, avid viewers of the AMC horror-drama television series, Fear the Walking Dead can finally watch season 4. If you are also a huge fan of The Walking Dead series, then you are in for a double treat. Fear the Walking Dead season 4 is actually…