The Voice 3

How to watch The Voice live?

The newest and latest season of one of the most popular reality talent show in America premiered on February 26, 2018 on the National Broadcasting Company or NBC. We are talking about The Voice which is now in its 14th season. There were some changes in this season in terms…

VPN and how does it work 1

What is a VPN and how does it work?

Edward Snowden was someone who reminded us of our right to privacy on the internet by revealing shocking information about snooping by NSA i.e National Security Agency, USA. From then whenever we saw debate or discussion about “Internet Privacy”, we have definitely heard about VPN. VPN technology that was once…

Simple Online Privacy Guide 2

Guide : 18 Tips for internet safety and Anonymity

Are you scared that you are being watched or tracked by someone? Recent news about government snooping, privacy threats, ISP spying, mass surveillance including other online risks can give anybody a troubled sleep. No matter at which corner you are in the world, such security issues will always follow you….