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Facebook Security Tips You Need to Implement Today

The place where you live or work is Facebook blocked? Are you afraid of using Facebook because anyone might find you and you could get into trouble? But no need to worry anymore, here is the solution – you can safely unblock Facebook with VPN from anywhere in the world. You can Unblock Facebook…

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How To Use Facebook in China On Iphone?

China is one of the few countries that has a very strict censorship policy. And everyone probably knows that Facebook is among the websites and applications that are banned in China. The global popularity of the social media platform did not sway the stringent censorship that the Chinese government is…

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What is Onavo? – Facebook’s VPN’s Service

If you are an iOS app user, you may have noticed a new menu item on your Facebook app which is labelled as “Protect”. When you click on this menu item, you will be redirected to an app store where you will be asked to download Onavo, Facebook’s very own…

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Privacy And Security

Facebook has become the most ubiquitous social media platform in the present world. With almost 2 billion active users, the platform has become the Holy Grail for advertisers and social media analysts alike. It is no wonder that protecting your privacy on such a diverse platform is of paramount importance….