We have added 10 new servers with even better speed and connectivity

We have added 3 new servers with even better speed and connectivity

Here at LimeVPN we love feedback and work constantly towards improving our products and service based on what our customers and potential customers have to say. We’ve heard you out and have just added 3 new servers that provide even better speed and connectivity. Here are our latest additions: 1….

Introducing SSTP VPN at LimeVPN

When using VPN, speed matters – but so does security. With that in mind we have introduced SSTP . SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) is a Microsoft proprietary VPN protocol which was introduced with the release of Windows Vista. The protocol is configured to work on port 443 and is…

Updates for LimeVPN

A recent customer satisfaction study and increased LimeVPN usage have led to the addition of new servers from various locations. Anonymity and security being our priority, we are upgrading our servers. This will also increase our customer’s experience and the efficiency of our service. We have added three new servers from…

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Updated VPN Nodes