Proxy vs VPN

Proxy vs VPN – Which one’s the best for you?

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Proxy servers explained

What makes us different?


Are free proxy servers any good?

There are many free web proxies available on the internet. However, they have plenty of downsides. For example, 8 out of 10 free proxy servers don’t allow HTTPS connection. But without encryption, anyone can get access to your data. And you wouldn’t want your login details or bank account information to fall into the wrong hands.


Surf online with the best anonymous web proxy

LimeVPN’s proxy extension was designed differently. That’s because we believe your online security is important and should never be jeopardized by shady proxy add-ons. Our anonymous browsing proxy adds a layer of security over your online activities. And you don’t even need to worry about setting it up. All you have to do is click a button to connect to one of our proxy servers, and you’re ready to surf anonymously online.


Proxy vs. VPN – the key differentiators

There’s one significant difference when it comes to proxies and VPNs. And that’s encryption. A proxy can only hide your real IP and give you another address to unblock sites or social media platforms, but your internet activity is not anonymous. The reason is simple: there is no encryption in place.

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