Latest news! WhatsApp unblocked to the 200 million users in Brazil

whatsapp unblocked in brazil

After implementing end to end encryption into their application, the creators of WhatsApp certainly did not expect that their creation would become blocked for 72 hours in Brazil due to a legal obstacle. A judge who was in charge of an investigation requested and succeeded in his request, which was to block the application.

Recently, WhatsApp, the most popular chatting application in the world with more than a billion downloads on Google Store, included this novelty   End to end encryption which raised a lot of controversies. Which means that no mediator will be able to access the information except the sender of the message and the receiver. Many investigation and security services were strongly opposed to this fact due to the fact that they will not be able to access information anymore and thus not be able to prevent potential crimes from happening. However, the WhatsApp team stated the importance of privacy of their users and refused to take down End to End Encryption on their application.

But then the thing in Brazil happened and it was obvious that there is no really a way to protect your data via WhatsApp whatsoever. What happened in Brazil is that there was a certain legal investigation of narcotics and the possible revelation of a gang which apparently used WhatsApp. This law where WhatsApp should not be used for 72 hours will also means a fine of $143,000 for the internet providers and phone companies who fail to respect it. Judge believes that with this suspension, the gang will be easier to catch and the whole case will be resolved.

This app is so popular in Brazil that almost everyone uses it for chatting – every second person, to be more precise, which is still approximately 200 million users. All of these people will not be able to use the application for their everyday communication.

Latest news! WhatsApp unblocked to the 200 million users in Brazil

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, stated that WhatsApp is back online in Brazil and that users will again enjoy texting to their friends and family and having free voice calls. Mark also stated that this kind of communication ban is a very scary act because it limits the freedom of speech and that this act is unthinkable in a democratic society.

WhatsApp failed to give data from users to the Brazilian court and judge thought that this would be an appropriate measure of punishment but he once again failed in banning the app completely.

What if the similar thing happens in your country? How can you continue to use WhatsApp despite the restriction?

There is always a way, of course, to continue using WhatsApp and still remain protected (and even be protected better) and this is all through using services by a VPN provider such as LimeVPN. What this VPN provider offers is the ability to completely change your IP which will be addressed to another country where WhatsApp is not blocked. For example, if you were in Brazil while the app was blocked, and you used services that VPN offers, you would still be able to use WhatsApp.

To sum up, it is not easy to remain completely anonymous on the internet nowadays and to be 100% sure that no one will steal your data. Even when an app with good encryption comes up every once in a while, the government can’t block it and it will not be available in your country anymore. In order to solve this, everyone should use services that Virtual Private Network providers give.

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