Setting up VPN on iOS – OpenVPN Setup guide for iPhone, iPad

How to setup VPN for iOS with OpenVPN setup
Configure VPN on iOS using OpenVPN app
How to create VPN connection iPhone, iPad woth OpenVPN
How to create VPN connection iPhone, iPad woth OpenVPN
How to create VPN connection iPhone, iPad woth OpenVPN

How to setup VPN on iOS iPhone or iPad?

  1. Install app from the iTunes store
  2. Download the LimeVPN config files
  3. To use the configuration file in OpenVPN Connect, you have to upload it to your drive or dropbox.
    • From you dropbox/drive you will get an option to open the file in OpenVPN connect, as shown in the screenshots
  4. This will open the app, click on the “+” sign
  5. Enter the username and password, click on “Save” and “Connect”
  6. .

How to make VPN setup on iPhone, iPad or on any iOS 9 device using OpenVPN.

To make a quick VPN setup on your iOS gadget we suggest using OpenVPN Connect app and then simply import OpenVPN config files into the app via airdrop. Simply put, you need to install the OpenVPN app on your iPhone or iPad, download OpenVPN configuration files on your computer and then send them to your iOS device with Dropbox, email, airdrop, etc. Another point is to get your VPN authentication information ready, to find which you might need to check your VPN account activation email. After all of it’s ready, you simply launch OpenVPN app then import OpenVPN settings config and then enter your VPN account login/password and switch connection slider. That’s it, you good to go, once configured the OpenVPN connection will serve you for a long time. We made these easy-to-follow setup instructions as a tutorial on how to setup VPN for any iOS device and any VPN provider.Furthermore, if you need to setup VPN connection on your Mac we have Mac OS OpenVPN setup guide as well.

How to make VPN connection on iPad or iPhone using OpenVPN?

If you want to create VPN connection on iPhone with OpenVPN client for iOS, you will need to read the instructions shown above in a careful manner and understand each and every step. The instructions are not difficult and if you have experience with iOS and you want to setup iOS VPN using OpenVPN you will not have trouble understanding them at all. However, even this OpenVPN setup guide for iOS can be difficult if you never did this kind of installation before and you can either Google for additional help or contact us. Some of our staff will be eager to help you with the setup process. In case this VPN on iOS setup guide doesn’t work for you please contact support, for example LimeVPN can help each of its customers with one-by-one remote setup.