How to start using VPN with TOR

tor with vpn

Table of Content

1 . Tor vs. VPN

2. Using Tor through VPN

3. Using VPN through Tor

4. Which one is a better option to use? VPN through Tor or vice versa?

Internet security and anonymity on the internet can be achieved in several ways nowadays, but some of the methods are much more reliable than the others. Currently, the two methods that are the most reliable are using a Virtual Private Network and using Tor anonymity network.

Of course, in order to achieve maximum protection and anonymity on the internet, it is always recommended to combine the two, but before we proceed to explaining how the combination should be achieved, let’s first compare them in order to see which one is better.

Tor vs. VPN

  • VPN provides better speed but you are not totally anonymous. The thing with VPN is that you can have great Internet speed but there is still a group of people that gives you VPN and they are able to see your activities. This is exactly the reason to use a trusted VPN service, LimeVPN being one of the safest.
  • Tor is slower but provides complete anonymity. Tor is basically a complicated browser with which, after many configurations, you can access the internet and literally nobody will know your activities and that you are present on the internet.
  • The thing that both of the browsers have in common is that both of them use encrypted proxy connection for the purpose of hiding the identity.

When you combine the two you can get the best of both worlds in terms of security and anonymity but not the best of both worlds in terms of speed. There is a major difference when it comes to connecting Tor to use it through VPN and using VPN through Tor. Let’s see now what the differences are and which one will be more suitable for you.

Using Tor through VPN

In order to successfully start using Tor through VPN, you need to, first of all, be connected to the server of the VPN and then connect to Tor. This way you will make VPN be the thing that is behind Tor, supporting it while Tor would be a mean for accessing the Internet. As previously mentioned, this can have both bad and good things.

Positive things of using Tor through VPN are:

  1. The internet service provider that you have will have absolutely no idea of you using Tor. However, they will be fully aware of your VPN usage. The ISP can only detect that you are using Tor if they employ the deep packet inspection. However, this is only theory and it is highly unlikely that it will ever be executed.
  2. The security will significantly increase due to the fact that Tor will not start with your original IP address but with IP address that your VPN has given you. At this point, it is very important to have a VPN provider that has a no-logs policy. All of these may contribute to complete security and anonymity.
  3. .onion websites will be completely available and you will not have to worry about someone tracking your access to them.

Negative things of using Tor through VPN are:

  1. VPN is fully aware of your real IP address.
  2. The malicious Tor exit nodes can be sometimes very harmful, and the traffic that enters and exits Tor can still be vulnerable and unencrypted. This lowers the anonymity part significantly.
  3. Blocked Tor exit nodes.

The thing that we can conclude is that there are serious things that can affect your connection in this use but that you still have a much better overview of your security and anonymity and you will only be exposed to VPN provider which, if it is trusted, you can enjoy in.

Using VPN through Tor

The process here is the complete opposite. First of all, you need to encrypt everything with VPN, connect to Tor and then access the internet via VPN. The whole process is more complicated and some of the providers, such as LimeVPN provide much help in connecting these.

Pros with using VPN through Tor are:

  1. There is no chance for the VPN provider to get the notion of your real IP. The only IP address that the provider will see is that coming from the Tor exit node. This is also a whole new level of anonymity and enables you to even use Bitcoins as a payment method and no one will have a slightest idea about it.
  2. Tor exist nodes can be malicious if used without VPN. However, if we have the VPN that firstly encrypts the data, there is no chance of harm with these nodes.
  3. All blocks that exist on the exit nodes in Tor are bypassed.
  4. The whole traffic that you make on the internet will go through Tor, which will increase safety. Even the programs that you do not support Tor will now go through it.

Cons with using VPN through Tor are:

  1. Your provider of VPN will be able to see that there is internet traffic going on with some of their users, but it will be very difficult to see if it was you creating the traffic.
  2. Small, but existent vulnerability to end-to-end timing attack. (due to the fact that there is a fixed point in the chain)

To sum up, the connection that goes in the direction of connection VPN through Tor is considered as the connection that can provide the maximum level of anonymity for everyone who uses it this way. Speed, on the other hand may not be the best thing in this connection. Let’s now see what the good and bad things are when it goes the other way around and we connect VPN through Tor.

Which one is a better option to use? VPN through Tor or vice versa?

The better option is definitely to use VPN through Tor due to the level of anonymity that is offered when accessing the Internet that way. There are two reasons why VPN through Tor is a better option.

  1. If you configure everything correctly, you will be anonymous even to the VPN provider.
  2. The Tor exit nodes, which we have mentioned for being malicious, are protected with VPN through Tor.

On the other hand, using Tor through VPN means that VPN provider can see who you are. However, with a trustworthy provider, you can relax on that matter. Also, the exit nodes of Tor will be exposed and potentially malicious with Tor through VPN.

In Conclusion…

Tor and VPN are really things that you should feel privileged for using due to the fact that they protect your security and anonymity of which most people on the internet are not even aware. Combined, they can increase everything and make your surfing very safe where you will not have to worry about anyone spying on you – not even your ISP.

When connected, you can use two options – Tor through VPN and VPN through Tor. They are different in terms of what comes as a back and what a front layer of protection. Each one has its own pros and cons, and it is up to the user to choose which one suits him better. VPN providers, such as LimeVPN, make the job of connecting VPN with Tor a lot easier.