How to Reduce Ping for Ultimate Online Gaming Experience

How to reduce ping in game

In most cases, your ping times are the main culprits as far as experiencing lag is concerned. This post aims at educating you on how to reduce ping times and delay and improve your online gaming experience.

What is Ping?

Ping is a method of measuring latency or the time it takes to send as well as receive a packet of data between two network devices, such as computers on a network. Ping is the amount of time it takes for one computer to communicate some given information with another computer and receive a desired response on the same network. The lower the ping or latency between the two computers, the more effectively they can communicate.

Ping Facts

As ping times increases, the intervals between sending as well as receiving messages will continue to increase until the delays are so long that the communication between the computers stops making sense. Low ping times are extremely important in situations where the opportune delivery of information is more important compared to the quantity of information that can be delivered, such as an online gaming session.

For example, in an online game where two players are competing against each other; the game data, such as player models, maps and textures is stored in the gamer’s computer. For the players to be able to play against each other, the only info that has to be transferred to and fro between the players is simple things, such as location, bullet trajectory and updates that are being made to objects on the map. These objects include buildings that have been damaged or destroyed. On the other hand, games service apps such as Netflix are not very dependent on low ping times.        

Factors that Increase Latency for Online Gamers

  • Network Connection Speed
  • Physical distance
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The connection speeds that your internet service provider advertises refers to the amount of data that travels between your computer and your ISP within specific time duration. Your connection speed depends on whether you connect to your internet service provider via satellite or wireless link. The actual speed can differ from the maximum speed. This is so since your ISP is susceptible to interference that can tamper with signals.

Increased network reliability may increase latency time. The likelihood that a message could be lost while being transferred over the network led to the introduction of the TCP protocol. The TCP protocol mainly handles data loss by re-sending. The main demerit is that the actual arrival time of a message can increase, thus affecting latency.

The Ping Effect on Online Gaming

Online gamer’s are particularly sensitive to propagation delays. They normally refer to them as ping times. Usually, the higher the ping time, the poor the response time in the game will be. This is a determining factor between winning and losing a game online. Ping indicates whether packets are lost in transmission. Packets can be lost when signal interference/ network congestion overpowers internet servers and routers. Too many lost packets during an online game session can potentially cause the game to stall. To some extent, a gamer’s character may act randomly for a few seconds if the packets do not arrive in the correct order.

Find a Low Ping Server ( The Nearest Server )

The major factor that will affect your multiplayer gaming experience without a doubt is your ping. As mentioned earlier, ping measures how long it takes a packet to travel to and from a server. The whole process is also complicated by the packet’s trip through your system’s network device. A software-controlled modem may result in higher pings compared with high quality hardware-controlled modems. Always find a server with a low ping, but do not trust the server just yet. Go ahead and refresh the server, if your game allows you to refresh a single server and the ping is consistently low, then log on to the gaming server.

Hardware-Related Lag & Network-Related Lag

Your Ping is mostly affected by the following types of lags: hardware-related lag and network related lag. You can handle the hardware-related lag by upgrading your PC’s features to match the online gaming requirements. You can achieve this manually or automatically. will evaluate your system to establish whether your PC exceeds or meets the desired hardware requirements. The aforementioned website will decode the meaning of your computer game requirements.

You can tackle the network-related lag by upgrading your current network bandwidth. However, you should always remember that your physical distance from the game server is a key ingredient in reducing ping times. Normally, it will take you less time to transmit data to game server as long as you reside near the game server which is indeed impossible. You can otherwise use a VPN that allows you to use the server nearest to your preferred game server.

How to Use a VPN to Lower Ping

A VPN such as LimeVPN will mask your real IP address and provide you with a fake IP address. This allows you to use a different IP address from a different location, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Russia. You can also use a  VPN that provides you with the opportunity to connect with game servers using IP addresses of their designated location across the globe. This allows you to play any game of your choice without ping problems. To ensure that you circumvent any and all factors that may lead to increased ping times, you need to sign up for a LimeVPN account.

In Conclusion,

You should not lose a game because of ping delay or lag to play online games. You can overcome the factors contributing to high ping times by signing up for LimeVPN. But do remember that the delay can also be due to hardware & network related lag as mentioned above. LimeVPN has 19 VPN locations worldwide and 6,000+ IPs. Therefore, you can significantly connect to your desired online game server with a different IP address from the 6,000+ IPs provided. This VPN service will ensure that you play as well as win your preferred online game, including Fallout 4, FIFA 15, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Mine craft among others. The most important consideration to make before investing in a VPN is to test Ping.

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