3 steps to delete your chrome history right now

Chrome history is different from your google search history and the steps to delete vary as well. Here are the steps that will delete all the browsing history and website data from your Chrome account. Steps to delete the chrome history in a desktop or a laptop Deleting the chrome…

How to Download a VPN in China?

Protecting your online privacy is a struggle that almost all of us require to indulge in on a daily basis. There are several countries around the world that have blocked the use of numerous popular websites or social media channels in order to keep the data of their citizens safe….

Play safe with VPN for Gaming

How to Choose the Best Gaming VPN

Every online gamer would want fast connection speed so they can play their favorite online games with less ping. More than this, however, is the need to protect the gaming traffic from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. DoS attacks are fast and easy to execute, even a teenager with some…

Phishing Scams: Humans Are the Weakest Link in the Security Chain

How not to fall victim of a phishing email scam and overcome human psychology

How to Protect Your Data when Visiting Non-encrypted HTTP Sites?

What is the website that you are currently viewing? If the website has a green lock on the browser bar, it is an HTTPS site; which means that the content that you browse, or information that you share is “secure.” These websites encrypt all data between your browser and the…

How to encrypt Gmail to secure your emails?

Encrypting your gmail account is necessary for the safeguarded transfer of confidential information. If you haven’t done it yet, your not alone. Listed below are the guidelines that will help you to conduct this process better. Let’s get started. What Encryption Gmail Currently Provides? Google uses OSI model layer 4…

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