How to delete everything Google knows about you?

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Google knows you more than you know yourself. It knows every smartphone you have held about buying, every single associate you have vexed to catch grime on, every embarrassing ailment you have writhed. Your Google Activity once recognized as Google Web and App History generally knows the whole thing you surf for seeing back to 2005

This writing will help you know how to everlastingly delete your Google antiquity  augment your internet explorer and avert your search and browsing data to follow you repeatedly.

Note: Please remember deleting your browsing history is not related to clearing Google Web & App Bustle history. When you delete your browsing history you just erase the data which is locally kept on your personal computers. It doesn’t do anything to the information already stored on Google’s servers.

Caution: It is necessary to search out your company’s acceptable use and information maintenance policies while using G Suite, known as Google Apps for Work before erasing any browsing history.

What you do online is YOUR business—and yours alone

LimeVPN considers that what individual surf on the internet is private. Nobody should be allowed to retain tabs on what an individual is doing online without his knowledge and permission. Google activity has been holding histories of one’s search and browsing data for the last decade. It holds every link one has followed, every picture one has clicked on, and all the URLs that one has registered in the address bar. Actually, it uses all this information to create a profile about an individual, counting his age, gender, languages, and interests’. It sieves all his search results and ads based on one’s profile.

Browse Anonymously

Unless you have disabled it, your Google history will trouble you repetitively. Thus, it is also proved to be an implausible invasion of an individual’s confidentiality.

Backup your Google Activity before you erase everything

Google Activity introduced an additional feature In April 2015 enabling an individual to download all his Google data. You may consider downloading your browsing search before you remove and disable it forever. Therefore always create a backup for your Google activity before deleting any data.

How to download and remove your Google search history and prevent Google from retaining your activity

Steps to download all your Google data

Google’s prepared additional characteristic enables an individual to download data from all of Google URLs one use, including Google browsing history, Gmail, Calendar, Chrome, Google Photos, Maps, etc. Here’s how to use this feature to copy all your Google data.

Step 1: Select the information you’d like to download from your Google Takeout “Download your data” page. All of the boxes are selected, by default.  Then Select Next.

Step 2: Choose your archive format and delivery method, then select Create archive. We held with the default locations.

Step 3: Next, on completion of the archiving process, a notification will be received. An example has been shown below, where an email has been received along with a link to download archive.

Once you’ve downloaded an archive of your information, you’re ready to remove your browsing history.

How to remove all your Google activity

Remove all your google activity

Use these steps to erase your data about all your Google activity, counting your searches, video searches, and any pictures or ads you’ve connected on.

Step 1: Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) from your My Activity page,and then select Delete activity by.

Step 2: Select all products from the product drop-down menu, and then select the option DELETE. Also, change the date.

Step 3: Now, Google will itself instruct you how it uses your information to make its services more useful for his users. Choose Ok.

Step 4: Now, Google will inquire you for verification if you want to delete your activity. Select DELETE.

Step 5: Now your computer screen should receive notification “No activity.”

Well, congratulations. You’ve succeeded in deleting your Google browsing history. Next, get Google to stop saving your Google activity by default.

How to stop or hit pause on Google from saving your activity

However, Google doesn’t give away to enduringly restrict it from saving your activity. But one can hit pause. Use the below steps to hit pause on Google saving your activity.

Step 1: You’ll see a unit for “Web & App Activity” in your Activity controls page. Slide the cursor to the left.

Step 2: Next, Google will ask if you want to pause your Web & App Activity. Select PAUSE option.

Step 3: Verify again by checking if your activity is paused. The display should say Web & App Activity (paused)” and the sliding toggle should be grey as shown below in the image.

Step 4: Slide all the switches on this sheet to the left if you desire to hit “pause” on Google logging your activity on all the Google apps and services you use.

Read the related necessary information for each item and then choose PAUSE option to complete. After performing all of the above steps, Google won’t be retaining your browsing data in future.

Consequences of deleting & disabling your Google search history

Delete browsing history

It is essential that one should have knowledge of the consequences of deleting your Google search history. Google identifies your browsing results based on your search activity by default. For instance, if your search for some cooking recipes and click on links from more recurrently than all other websites, then Google will always show higher up on the search results page whenever you look up a recipe.

If you delete your browsing history, then your search results will be less specific. So won’t show up at the top of the results whenever you look up a recipe page.

Remember deleting and disabling your history does not make you invisible to Google.

If you erase and disable your browsing history you are not invisible to Google. It is preferred to maintain a Google account for using various Google apps and services, for example, Gmail and YouTube.

It’s impossible to be invisible to Google. But you need to be wise. You can start by eradicating all Google apps and services from your daily web use. And prefer using search engines that don’t track your hunt activity, for instance, DuckDuckGo, Ixquick, and Startpage.

You can follow some steps to protect your internet privacy

Here are some steps enabling an individual to seek more internet browsing protection.

Use LimeVPN: While hitting “pause” option Google Web & App History restricts Google from gathering information about you. But it doesn’t avert your ISP from tracking what you’re doing online. To conceal your online activity from your ISP, use a VPN like LimeVPN

Use Tor Browser: Use Tor Browser so that it becomes difficult to trace back your internet activity. This browser hides location and online activities from anybody doing network surveillance.

Have safe browsing!

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