Phishing Scams: Humans Are the Weakest Link in the Security Chain

How not to fall victim of a phishing email scam and overcome human psychology
Faceapp privacy issues

FaceApp: Harmless Fun or Privacy Fiasco Waiting to Happen?

There is a new craze on social media that can be credited to FaceApp, the same app that went viral in 2017 for its photo-morphing capabilities. Back then, FaceApp can add a smile to a photo or filter it to make the user look more attractive. Recently, the fad is…

Cheapest monthly VPN, $1 VPN paid monthly

What is the Cheapest Monthly VPN?

You might be wondering: If you’re looking for the cheapest VPN service, why not go for a free one instead? For one, free VPNs are not free of charge, after all. If they aren’t earning from you, they could be making money off you, so before we delve into the…

the list of 100 most common passwords of 2019

The List of 100 Worst Passwords of 2019

A lot of users out there still have not grasped the importance of practicing strong passwords. The number one on the list of the most used passwords of 2019 is still unchanged, which is the predictable series of numbers, “123456”, and the second one, “password,” remains unchanged too. There are…

11 Password Security Faux Pas You’re Probably Making

You just got a mail saying, “Your Google Account was just signed in from a new Samsung Galaxy A30 device”; oh hey, you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy 30. Someone just logged into your Google account and now has access to all your emails and other personal data. That is…

Risks of social media and dangers of social networking

Risks of Social Media: 14 Hazardous Apps for Kids

Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, catfishing, online inappropriate behavior, and so forth — popular risks of social media that teenagers are exposed to. Should Kids Have Social Media Apps? Why kids should not be on social media? As guardians, we must shield our children from online predators, harassers, stalkers and each other kind…

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