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  1. 1 . Game in full privacy and security
  2. Hide your IP on Discord and other chats
  3. Access games & features without restrictions
  4. Protect yourself from DDoS attacks
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Why do you need a VPN for gaming?

How we can help?


Connect to early-access time zones

Many games have exclusive content limited to only a few countries. With a new IP address, you’ll appear to be from a country that gets exclusive access. For some games, it’s up to 12 hours earlier!


Game while you’re abroad

Planning to travel or live abroad? Get access to your favorite servers by connecting to a VPN. Sometimes, a VPN may also improve your connection speeds!


A gaming VPN for all your consoles and devices

Whatever you like to game on, we got your back. Download easy-to-use apps or set up smart DNS for simple devices & game without buffering or distractions. Plus, you get unlimited simultaneous connections!

How to setup LimeVPN for gaming

STEP 1 : Pick a Plan that suits your needs

STEP 2 : Download your apps

STEP 3 : Create a LimeVPN account and game on! You will only need 1 for all your devices

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