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Play safe with VPN for Gaming

How to Choose the Best Gaming VPN

Every online gamer would want fast connection speed so they can play their favorite online games with less ping. More than this, however, is the need to protect the gaming traffic from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. DoS attacks are fast and easy to execute, even a teenager with some…

Phishing Scams: Humans Are the Weakest Link in the Security Chain

How not to fall victim of a phishing email scam and overcome human psychology

Internet privacy act is long dead

Data Privacy Act is Long Dead

We never had internet privacy. By the books, all of us should have rights with respect to our private data, which means that we must have personal privacy to browse the internet and not being watched. But in the end, it is all like browsing with a camera eye always…

Torrenting VPN is a must to download torrents anonymously

Why Torrenting with VPN is a Must

Using torrent with VPN is necessary to hide your torrenting from your ISP and protect yourself from legal enforcement and high fines

Faceapp privacy issues

FaceApp: Harmless Fun or Privacy Fiasco Waiting to Happen?

There is a new craze on social media that can be credited to FaceApp, the same app that went viral in 2017 for its photo-morphing capabilities. Back then, FaceApp can add a smile to a photo or filter it to make the user look more attractive. Recently, the fad is…

Cheapest monthly VPN, $1 VPN paid monthly

What is the Cheapest Monthly VPN?

You might be wondering: If you’re looking for the cheapest VPN service, why not go for a free one instead? For one, free VPNs are not free of charge, after all. If they aren’t earning from you, they could be making money off you, so before we delve into the…

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