Transaction ID

Every transaction, as a matter of fact, has an ID. Legacy transactions have malleable IDs because of a bug that is allowed into the system, whereas SegWit transactions make use of deterministic transaction IDs.


A bitcoin transaction can be likened to a signed message. It contains at least one input and one output and is created by the bitcoin wallet after which it oases to the nodes. Transactions from the nodes are kept in the mempool until a miner includes it into a block,…


TPS stands for transactions per second. Get more information on this from Capacity.


A token is the representation of a right. Bitcoin is also a token as it gives you the right to do a transaction on the bitcoin blockchain. Tokens are usually meant to be representations of deeds, contracts, or physical possessions.


A document can be timestamped if its hash is embedded into the bitcoin blockchain. This can be done with the use of OP_Return.


These are symbols that are used in the stock markets to identify currencies and companies. Bitcoin is identified with the BTC symbol and also XBT.