This is a measurement that is like weight. 1 Vbyte = 4 weight units

Vanity Address

A vanity address is a bitcoin address that only consists of certain characters or spells out a word. These addresses can be made by creating private keys and deriving the addresses from the keys. The derived addresses are compared against the desired outcome and the duration of creating the vanity…

Unspent Output

This is the opposite of the spent output.


This is another way of writing a transaction ID.

Two-Way ATM

A two-way ATM, unlike a one-way ATM, can exchange cash with bitcoin and dispense the cash.

Turing Complete

In the general sense of the term, a computer is described as Turing complete if it can simulate another computer. What this implies is that the computer can calculate any arbitrary computable function. Bitcoin’s scripting language has limited functionality and so it is not Turing complete. The limitation of its…