What Is IPv6 Address and Why Should You Know About It?

  Computers and other devices connect to each other over a network using IP which is short for Internet Protocol. This is successfully done with the help of  Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Think of the Internet Protocol as your home address – the postman will not know where to drop your letters and packages without […]

Protect your Privacy with LimeVPN

The term Virtual Private Network or VPN refers to a number of computers remotely linked together via the internet. The main advantage of a VPN is that it allows internet users from all around the world to access networks that are restricted and not open to regular internet users. All of the users connected to […]

What is Net Neutrality and Why Should You Care?

  The world is made up of 195 countries and 7.6 billion people, but for the past 50 years or so, it has become rather small. And we don’t say it like it is a bad thing because it is actually something positive and beneficial. All corners of the world are virtually connected to one […]

How to find Cheap Airline Tickets

  Often, the most expensive bit of a trip is the flight. Securing a cheaper airline ticket is, therefore, the ultimate solution for your travel goals. Have you ever had your holiday plans cut short because of the Airline tickets? Am sure, if yes, the experience was not one of the best for you. Airline […]

A List Of Top 9 Blocked Websites In China (2018)

Did you know that China is one of the countries with the most restricted internet? Back in 2010, the Chinese government blocked more than 1.3 million websites. The number of blocked websites continues to grow, even though, some previously blocked websites, such as LinkedIn have been unblocked. If you are a citizen, you are probably […]

Tips on how to create a secure password

Having a secure password is like the basic line of defence especially when your employees or contractors have been allowed access to your network remotely through a virtual private network (VPN). In every network, security is always essential to prevent unauthorised access or compromises arising from malicious intrusions into the network. So the security of […]