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Why should you use Bitcoin as your Primary Currency ?

However, this begs the question – why should I use bitcoin? Well, the answer to this question lies in the many benefits that bitcoin has to offer over the traditional ways of conducting transactions. Here you will find some the various advantages of using Bitcoin as your primary currency.

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5 Myths About Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

WiFi hotspots are a convenient way to connect to the internet when you are moving about outside the house. Many Internet surfers prefer to use wifi hotspots instead of their phone’s 3G or 4G mobile data connection. It is important to realize, however, that in today’s world, keeping your data secure should come first. Frequently, […]


Why all android users should have VPN?

If you are using an Android smartphone, this article will help you understand the best practices of maintaining and managing your mobile phone secured using the most practical and so far the best way: we are talking about VPN. We will also guide you with trusted information, which VPN is practically suitable for you depending […]


Microsoft Windows 10 Has A Keylogger Enabled By Default – Here’s How To Disable It

Windows 10 Typing Tracking Windows 10 users will be shocked to learn that Windows 10 keeps track of everything they type. There has been substantial controversy around the lack of user data privacy in the way that Windows 10 and prior versions like Windows 8 and Windows 7 are configured. Since the discoveries broke on […]

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How to stream YouTube channels which are restricted in your country?

Not all YouTube videos can be viewed in your home country. Often times, one is annoyed by the message which says that a particular video is not available in your country. This can be due to a number of reasons related to censorship laws, inappropriate content etc. However, if the video you want to watch […]


How To Unblock Chromecast Apps Using LimeVPN

Unblocking Chromecast Apps With LimeVPN With the use of Google’s Chromecast comes the need to unblock apps that may be restricted. This may be restrictions based on geographic area, internet provider or other criteria for content blocking. Fortunately, VPN services like LimeVPN can help you to unblock all kinds of apps. As a result, you […]


How To Livestream Wimbledon 2017

Wimbledon is one of the 4 Grand Slams of tennis, and each year, just the men’s final event is watched by over 10 million viewers on BBC alone. Beyond BBC, other TV stations, including ESPN and others around the world, broadcast the 2-weeks long event. On the web, many websites offer streaming access to Wimbledon, […]