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Why should you use Bitcoin as your Primary Currency ?

However, this begs the question – why should I use bitcoin? Well, the answer to this question lies in the many benefits that bitcoin has to offer over the traditional ways of conducting transactions. Here you will find some the various advantages of using Bitcoin as your primary currency.

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Ensure that you have secure online transactions by following these 10 tips

Online transactions today are increasingly becoming famous and impressive as it’s the only way to purchase goods and services without necessarily moving around. Be it booking airfare,  e-commerce transaction, or have any other online service, online transactions are very much convenient and saves time. But there is the fear of losing sensitive information to the […]

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Which VPN services and deals of 2017 are the best?

Choosing the best Virtual Private Network provider is not an easy task. A VPN should keep your personal data and internet usage very secure and private, but not every service provider will handle your data in the right way. Most of the free VPN service providers have a lot of limits alongside dubious loyalties. Instead, […]

How to set up a personal VPN and why you need one now?

What cross your mind when you think of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)? Most of us think of it being used by big institutions and corporations to provide employees with a more secure access to corporate network and its resources. But this is not the case anymore; they are not meant for big corporations like before. […]

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How To Reduce Ping In Online Games Using VPN

You might have an outstanding personal computer, but all action you take will be slowed down high pings. Pings suck. Right! Your online peers always ahead of you and this causes a lot of shame and incapacities in the online arena. If you are experiencing lag while playing the online game, with other players jumping […]

Why Your Personal Data Is Not Secure Without a VPN?

Normally, when surfing the internet you first connect to the internet service provider (ISP), which then get you connected to websites you wish to visit. This creates a chance to dispose your personal information to internet service provider since your internet traffic passes through their servers. So, they can view and monitor every activity you […]

10 Amazing Things People Use VPN For?

What VPN will do for you? Of course, we all know that VPN encrypts and protects your connection online especially on public Wi-Fi. This means that you can hide your IP address as well as data from those surfing the internet by just using a Virtual Private Network tunnel. VPNs are not only for safe […]