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Why should you use Bitcoin as your Primary Currency ?

However, this begs the question – why should I use bitcoin? Well, the answer to this question lies in the many benefits that bitcoin has to offer over the traditional ways of conducting transactions. Here you will find some the various advantages of using Bitcoin as your primary currency.

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data privacy protection

What You Need to Know About the Introduction of the New Data Retention Laws

As from October 13, 2015 the new data retention laws began. This means that every email you write, every text message you send, and every phone call you make will be under surveillance by the government with respect to the new data retention laws. The government claims that the surveillance scheme is in place to […]

Android malware protection

The State of Android Malware

  With the way things are going in the world of technology, the future is certain to be about internet security; particularly bigger internet threats. It seems like our mobile devices may take over our decision making ability. It may reach a time when Android suggests what you should eat and what kinds of meals […]

Fixed IP (static IP, dedicated IP) or dynamic IP

What is a Static IP VPN & How Can You Purchase One?

Have you been searching for the best VPN static IP? Well, look no further, because LimeVPN is your one-stop resource where you can buy the finest static IP address. What is a Dynamic IP Address? This is an IP address that is dynamically assigned to you by our servers each time you disconnect and reconnect. […]

identity theft protection with VPN

Seven Unpretentious Tips for Staying Financially Safe On The Internet

Identity theft is the fastest as well as the most sophisticated crime with high estimated losses. Digital barbwires are no longer enough, because online identity thieves have now emerged with ground breaking tools and techniques for overcoming the security measures. Basically, almost all robust security measures have proven inadequate. Identity thieves now can be successful […]

unblock google with VPN

Thailand to Build Its Own Boundless Firewall of Internet Censorship

A single gateway internet is to be set up in Thailand. This decision has been made by the Thai Government through the relevant ministries. Thailand has been clear on its stand about websites that display overt pornography or tarnish the names of its leaders. However, the country’s internet has not been thoroughly censored when compared […]

protect cyber security

Holding Back On Cyber-security is Subject to FTC Regulation

Corporations’ cyber-security is now subject to FTC regulation. This ruling has been made by a US appeals court. According to the ruling, The Federal Trade Commission is within acceptable limits to direct corporations on the necessary steps they should observe in order to protect consumers’ data. Any corporation that does not comply is guilty and […]