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Thailand to Build Its Own Boundless Firewall of Internet Censorship

A single gateway internet is to be set up in Thailand. This decision has been made by the Thai Government through the relevant ministries. Thailand has been clear on its stand about websites that display overt pornography or tarnish the names of its leaders. However, the country’s internet has not been thoroughly censored when compared […]

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Holding Back On Cyber-security is Subject to FTC Regulation

Corporations’ cyber-security is now subject to FTC regulation. This ruling has been made by a US appeals court. According to the ruling, The Federal Trade Commission is within acceptable limits to direct corporations on the necessary steps they should observe in order to protect consumers’ data. Any corporation that does not comply is guilty and […]

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LimeVPN - A seurerd VPN

LimeVPN – A Secured VPN

As with any technology, there is always a positive and negative part. The affirmative side of the internet is marvelous, since internet users are able to do all sorts of transactions and other online activities. You can simply check your mails, check your bank account status, and chat with friends on social media among other […]

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Use VPN for gaming to protect your victory

LimeVPN – Best VPN for Gaming

A virtual private network is the best solution for gamers, who want to enjoy playing while maintaining their security, privacy and anonymity. It is a central tool for gamers who visit malicious websites. In the recent past, virtual private networks were not so good for gamers, due to the increased in-game lag they introduced. However, […]

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VPN – Your Protection against Identity Theft & Fraud in public WiFi

Identity theft and fraud can occur in any setting, whether you are in a coffee shop or at the airport. These crimes are planned by professionals and they can be crimes of opportunity. The worst can happen without you noticing. Free Wi-Fi is Costly Public Wi-Fi is available in so many places, including book stores, […]

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Control your private data and protect it safely

6 Ways to take control of your data.

Data is big business these days, companies aren’t just making money off your purchases and ad revenue, they’re selling your personal data. With most consumers turning towards the internet for their purchases and social interactions, seeking to profit from the boom in traffic is advertiser’s number one goal. To do so, they target ad campaigns […]

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