chrome extension VPN security hole

Google Releases Chrome Extension to Repair the Decisive VPN Security Hole

In light of serious security hole in the Chrome Browser, which made headlines early in 2015? Google has published an extension that elaborates on the threat of the security hole, which is revealing a user’s IP regardless of the fact that the user is using VPN. The good news is that the problem can be […]

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VPN security grade

Ten Top Reasons – Why You Need a VPN

Are you a passionate internet user? If yes; then you strongly need a VPN. If you need a significant number of resources secured between multiple networks, and the privacy of your information traversing such networks is at jeopardy, a VPN can be a reliable choice. So why use vpn? To begin with, the beauty of […]

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UK internet surveillance plans

Computing Experts Argue Over UK Governments Surveillance Plans

Edward Snowden’s 2013 leaks revealed a surveillance state that many say is out of control. Debate surrounding encryption has been thrust onto the agenda as David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and James Comey, director of the FBI, have stated that tech companies should not be able to use end-to-end encryption as it allows messages […]

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Tor users can be unmasked

How Tor Users Can be Unmasked without Decryption

Tor (The Onion Router) is in trouble, big trouble. People known as “Spies”, interested only to get into others network and collect information have put Tor in danger of being intercepted again. Digital attacks developed by security researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) proved to be highly accurate and effective in unmasking Tor hidden […]

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VPN for gaming is a must for pro

VPN – Is It A Necessity for Gaming?

The reasons to deploy and use VPNs vary greatly among users, but the most common ones include: maintaining privacy and security of users’ activities; a basic tool when using torrents for downloads; and a good option for accessing location-restriction content. VPNs have not been the best network technology for gamers because of the in-game lag […]

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unblock website with a vpn

How to Unblock Websites in India?

Nowadays, India is far from being the country of the free, as its government has banned several things, from beef to Maggi noodles, from books to NGOs who receive foreign funds, movies and documentaries. So it is no wonder that the Internet is the next to suffer. Although defined as a democracy which encourages the […]

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