bypass data throttle using a VPN

How to bypass data throttling using VPN

Many are the times when network service providers wish to keep the amount of traffic in check. The success by which these ISP providers get their way without the knowledge of the internet users referred to as throttling. Bypass data throttling as is the standard reference entails all the actions meant to slow down or […]

unblock youtube with vpn

Top 10 ways to unblock youtube in 2017

According to the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies, YouTube has been recognized as one of the best online resources for learning different areas of education. It is pretty surprising that this enormous learning resource has been banned by majority of the schools today. At the same time, we are lucky enough to do something […]

4 Step guide to bypassing the school’s internet and unblocking Instagram

As a millennial student, we have all been through the phase where one fine day, out of the blue – we realize that our school has blocked Instagram on its Wi-Fi, along with all the other social networking sites. Hands down, the worst day of school ever. We understand that your school wants to keep […]

save your holiday with these security tips

Save your Christmas Holidays by following these Basic security tips

With the Holiday season just around the corner, we are all looking to buy something nice for us and the ones that we love. However, shopping online, although easy and practical, brings about certain risks when it comes to security. The hackers and malicious software lurking behind every corner of the Internet are really looking […]

Black-Friday Deal VPN Service

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer

The Black Friday has come and people are lining up in front of the stores once again to shop for the things which are on sale.However, the internet offers no standing in queues, waiting for hours and uncomfortable situations when the last product on the shelf is left. LimeVPN crew offers you a deal of […]

How to save money using a VPN service?

We are all well aware of the security benefits that VPN offers. However, many users of VPN have no idea of this money-saving feature. So, how can a VPN really save your money? Well, did you know that there are websites that change prices of their products for different countries? For example, a keyboard may […]