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Which VPN services and deals of 2017 are the best?

Choosing the best Virtual Private Network provider is not an easy task. A VPN should keep your personal data and internet usage very secure and private, but not every service provider will handle your data in the right way. Most of the free VPN service providers have a lot of limits alongside dubious loyalties. Instead, […]

What Makes The LimeVPN Support Team The Best In The Business?

LimeVPN Support Available 24 Hours A Day In the world of VPN services, customer service and support can make or break the experience for a user. When you encounter problems, whether arising from your lack of knowledge about VPNs, unanswered questions, or an oversight on the part of the VPN service providers, you want answers. […]

Black-Friday Deal VPN Service

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer

The Black Friday has come and people are lining up in front of the stores once again to shop for the things which are on sale.However, the internet offers no standing in queues, waiting for hours and uncomfortable situations when the last product on the shelf is left. LimeVPN crew offers you a deal of […]

Netflix upcoming new releases 2016

Here comes a List of New Releases in Netflix for this May 2016

Netflix has once again done a great job when it comes to choosing top-notch content for the month of May. This month will be no exception and some very interesting things will be added to the network. Therefore, let’s peek into the confirmed movies and shows for May releases and what they are about. What […]

LimeVPN – A Secured VPN

As with any technology, there is always a positive and negative part. The affirmative side of the internet is marvelous, since internet users are able to do all sorts of transactions and other online activities. You can simply check your mails, check your bank account status, and chat with friends on social media among other […]

Use VPN for gaming to protect your victory

LimeVPN – Best VPN for Gaming

A virtual private network is the best solution for gamers, who want to enjoy playing while maintaining their security, privacy and anonymity. It is a central tool for gamers who visit malicious websites. In the recent past, virtual private networks were not so good for gamers, due to the increased in-game lag they introduced. However, […]